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2016-17 School Year

Timeline of Events for the Outdoor Classroom for the 2016-17 School Year

What was completed

By whom

Donation of plants and money for vegetable gardens

Staff, students, parents and community

Tiered seating & pathways installed, prep for pavers for gathering area

Kraus Anderson & sub contractors

Pavers installed for gathering area and hardscape completed

Kraus Anderson & sub contractors

Mulch spread

USGBC & community volunteers

Frames built for raised garden beds. Garden beds installed & filled with soil and mulch.

Peggy Soll, students and staff

Planting of perennials (pollinator garden, native grasses) and veggie beds

WB students, parents, staff  and USGBC

Shade structure, benches, bridge, bird houses, stepping stones, Free Little Library built and installed


A great BIG thank you to all the families, companies and community members that have helped Washburn build an Outdoor Classroom.  Click here for a list of companies and community services that have contributed.

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