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Outdoor Classroom 2016-17 Thank You's

A great BIG thank you goes out to all the companies listed below that have helped Washburn School design, organize and provided materials or labor for our Outdoor Classroom.

  • Washburn PTA - Donation of time and money for plants, edging, landscape fabric, soil, mulch, lumber and more
  • Education Foundation of Bloomington - Donation of pollinator garden plants
  • US Green Building Council - Helped us connect with community and business resources to forge partnerships
  • Tom & Barb Norris -gave Washburn a good price on lumber
  • Maertens-Brenny Construction Co. - Labor and equipment to form & pour cement seating & sidewalk 
  • Structures, Inc. - Labor for the pavers ​
  • Veit -provided dumpsters to remove and dispose of excavated dirt, provide class 5 base under pavers, sidewalk & seating, sand for pavers 
  • Cemstone Products, Inc.- Provided cement for concrete seating & sidewalk
  • Kraus Anderson - Project management time, plus labor and equipment to dig out and install base for sidewalks, path, pavers and seating.
  • Keith Orrock Trucking - delivered lumber for free
  • The Mulch Store - donated mulch for pathway
  • Nathalie Shanstrom, PLA, Landscape Architect -  doing the planting plan
  • Maertens-Brenny Construction Co. provided labor and equipment to form & pour cement seating & sidewalk
  • NACUBO - funding and installation of Shade structure, benches, bridge, bird houses, stepping stones and a Free Little Library
  • HandsOn Twin Cities - Helped us connect with NACUBO and project management for our summer events

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