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Family Tech Tip: Creating your Summer Tech Plan

As you're mapping out your summer, consider how your child’s increase in free time may impact their use of technology. Throughout the summer it’s important to set boundaries while also remembering that technology offers more than just entertainment. Cellphones, tablets, and computers can provide learning opportunities, chances to stay in touch with friends and family, and other meaningful experiences. Encourage your child to make the most of their summer by considering these summer tech tips.

Revisit or create a family media plan

calendar/clock iconCommon Sense Media recommends sitting down with your kids to work out a weekly plan that includes activities such as camps, trips, and events as well as media and tech time. If you're traveling, talk about whether to bring devices and when and how much they can be used. Move through this presentation to guide your family discussion and record your shared plan on the Family Media Plan template.

Get outside … with apps

tree icon

These apps let you have your cake and eat it, too. From nature adventures to stargazing to geocaching to physical fitness, the app-outdoor combo can provide inspiration for family fun.

Practice active use of technology

camera iconEncourage your child to get creative by asking them to make a slideshow or edited video of their favorite summer activity or vacation. Share their creation with friends and family. Allow your child to share about things that are important to them by creating a written blog, podcast, website, or video blog.

Connect with friends and family

family silhouette iconMake the most of extra free time by scheduling regular video chats with loved ones who may not live nearby.

Keep on learning!

brain iconCommon Sense Media lists many online “summer camps” for fun e-learning experiences for ages 3-100. Check out the list to receive a daily “Maker” design challenge, learn to code, and more!

For more summer tech tips, visit Common Sense Media.

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